News about recent happenings at Christchurch.

Pancakes, more pancakes

The Luncheon Club met last Tuesday – Shrove Tuesday – so of course they were served pancakes. Total cooked: 72. The target was 100, but we ran out of time, and there were enough for everyone. The cooks had plenty of practice tossing them. Then on Ash Wednesday Sarah and Shaun invited the crews from the Leicester Fire Station to…

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New Members Received into the Church Last Sunday

In yesterday’s morning service we celebrated an infant baptism conducted by our minister Rev Edson Dube. The child’s parents, grandmother and five other people were also received into membership. As they were all Christians who have come to live in Leicester and are now worshiping with us, this was a simple welcome ceremony. It was a very joyous occasion made…

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The Methodist Church in Zimbabwe

Last week was One World Week and on Sunday our minister, Edson, who comes from Zimbabwe, gave us an interesting account of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. Here is a link to his presentation. Some of the slides don’t convey much as they were just headings which he spoke about, but others are really interesting. The Church in Zimbabwe (PDF file)…

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New Floor in the Atrium

A new floor doesn’t sound very spiritual, but first impressions are important and we want people coming into Christchurch see that we care for our church. The premises are very heavily used and the footfall, not to mention children’s buggies and spilt food and drink, made it impossible to keep a carpeted area clean. I’m sure Jane, our cleaner, will…

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