About the church

Who we are

The local Baptist and Methodist churches on Clarendon Park Road joined together in the early 1990’s to form what is now Christchurch (technically this is called a Local Ecumenical Partnership, or LEP). In our worship and governance we try to draw on the best of both traditions. We are a part of the Leicester Trinity Circuit of the Methodist Church and are affiliated to the Baptist Union.

Our membership is just under 100 with perhaps another 100 people associated with the church in one way or another – from regular worshipers to occasional helpers.

What we believe

We subscribe to the traditional statements of faith of the Christian Church, passed down through the Baptist and Methodist traditions. But we don’t ask anyone to ‘sign up’ to a creed or doctrinal statement. There is a broad range of views on most subjects, which we rejoice in. We encourage people to think for themselves and have the freedom to take part in informed debate rather than being told what they must believe.

Our core values are summed up in our mission statement, which reads:

‘We, the people of Christchurch Clarendon Park, commit ourselves through worship and service to our part in God’s mission, sharing in the movement of God’s love throughout the whole inhabited earth.’

In pursuing this mission we try: –

  • To help people of all ages to hear and respond to the call of God, to follow Jesus, to grow in faith and to exercise their ministry under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit
  • To tell the Good News of Jesus Christ in as many different ways as possible
  • To serve our community
  • To support the Church in its total world mission
  • To work for justice, peace and a proper stewardship of the earth

Annual Report

The annual report for 2023 is now online.

Part 1 of the annual report is the ‘legal’ bit, required by the Charity commission; part 2 is a collection of individual reports from all the activities within Christchurch during the year.

Annual report 2023 part 1

Annual report 2023 part 2