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The Epiphany Experience – one journey, many paths

‘The Magi came from the East and …….  left for their country by another road’

When does a journey start?

Recently I’ve been wondering whether I can go on a long trek – maybe over two or three days.

I’ve discovered the Cuthbert Way. It’s about 62 miles and runs from Melrose to Holy Island. At the moment I’m still thinking about it.

So maybe a journey starts with a thought or an idea long before the first step is taken. Or does a journey begin as we sort out what we need, lay out our clothes, decide what to carry and where we may need to stay.

Most obvious to some would be that a journey commences the first moment we leave the start behind. We move away from what is familiar and the idea begins to take the shape of the path we take.

From experience I have discovered that sometimes it has taken me almost half of a journey to realise I am on a journey. It has taken time for me to let go thoughts about what I’ve left behind and before I know it the journey is partially over. Or sometimes I have been so full of excitement thinking about the destination I haven’t noticed what I’m travelling through.

Perhaps for some we discover we haven’t started the journey until it is over – the end of the journey has become the start of the journey we really need to take.

These thoughts have emerged as I ponder Matthew’s story of the Magi. It is tale which has taken on more significance for me; touching as it does on the theme of journey, the unexpectedness of these seekers and their longing to unravel the mysteries of life written in the stars.

Rev John Rackley