Ministers' Blog

A New Year Thought

At a time when we are very aware of all that divides our world the Church is called to sing in faith and joy that Jesus is the Light of the World. He is the Saviour of all life.

He did not come for a particular group of people but through him the love of God embraces all things.

I have always felt that it is all too easy for the Church to hold Jesus captive in chains of our making. They are the chains of our chosen set of beliefs about him — the confessions, creeds and theologies — that may help us to assert our distinctiveness but can convey the impression that he is for us and us only.

Religion, ideology, philosophy have combined to do the worst that people can do to each other and world. It is still going on today. Some of these sets of opinions claim a special relationship with Jesus. He is their exclusive property and only if you or I agree to their terms of entry are we allowed to think of him as especially for us.

What a shame, more than that how small we have made Christ — no more than an expression of our personal identity, one of us, but not one of them.

The Saviour of the world has been reduced to the saviour of me and people like me.

What sort of good news is that?

Rev John Rackley