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Rev John Rackley, our associate Baptist minister, has re-started his own blog at

This  is how he introduces himself.

Life is a bridge.

Cross over it

but build no home on it.

Bruce Chatwin  Songlines 1982

I grew up in a fishing community in Devon UK from generations of sea-farers going back over 200 years.

I have worked as a bus conductor, secondary school teacher, radio broadcaster and Baptist minister.

I have lived in Leicester, Cardiff, Great Missenden and now in South Leicestershire.

I have travelled in Scandanavia, Hungary, Italy, India, Bangladesh, Israel, Jordan and the West Bank.

I love autumn and the approach of darkening evenings.


Through this blog I try to write for restless people.

People who love the journey more than destination, in fact may even admit to fearing the destination.

People who honour the horizons of imagination and who wish they could be more imaginative.

People who think that faith is another word for trust and accept that to be human is to have faith.


I write as a person of faith.

I write as a restless person.

I write as a follower of Jesus the Traveller who made himself at home in the lives of others but always moved on.