Living with Covid

We are now learning to live with Covid. Church services on Sunday mornings are almost normal. We have changed the seating to increase social distancing and we ask people to wear face coverings when moving around and when singing. This is not very popular, but the evidence seems to be that singing is likely to spread the virus if someone is carrying it. Tea and coffee are being served after the service, seated, which helps to maintain social distancing (it’s difficult to drink tea wearing a face mask).

Streaming the services on Zoom was started during the lockdown and is being continued. It has been useful for those who can’t get to church. Resource limitations mean that it hasn’t been possible at every service.

Café Church on Sunday evenings haven’t resumed yet as the state of the pandemic is kept under review.

Weekday activities are picking up. The Parent and Toddlers on Tuesday mornings and the Luncheon Club are now running and rooms are available again for lettings.