Weekly Reflections

Reflections for Sunday 12th July

From Becca, James and Micah

When John asked us to do a reflection, he mentioned we’d have a lot to talk about! It’s been a year that, on the face of it, has been incredibly hard work. July 18 2019, Micah was born after a difficult delivery and an emergency c-section, in the middle of that heat wave. Six weeks later, during a slightly strained visit from James’ parents (who live in Texas), my mum was taken into hospital, where she stayed, on and off, till January, after being diagnosed with Leukaemia. We packed up and moved into my dad’s to look after him and visit mum in Addenbrookes every day for six weeks.

By October, things were a bit more settled: James started back at Uni, Micah got used to Sunday Space, we aggressively engaged in baby groups. In December I went back to work, and Bethan looked after Micah (he became a regular at Luncheon Club!). Mum got a stem-cell transplant, and we started to look forward to our wedding and Micah’s blessing (scheduled for Micah’s first birthday, July 18th, 2020!). Things were looking up: I even got to spend a precious two days at my mum’s, with her, Micah and I curled up watching Location, Location, Location in bed. But then lockdown happened.

Lockdown has highlighted how much I need people, especially when it comes to expressing my faith: I’ve struggled without the routine of church, people to debate with in Sunday Space, singing, or just having coffee. It’s made me realise how invaluable the volunteers at Toddlers are, at church. However, it’s enabled me to find joy in the small things: in other people, random acts of kindness and even routine. Making time to do something, like knock on the door of people in our house group or wave at them through windows (James calls it ‘distant socialising’), sending pictures that Micah has made to my mum’s collection of dear friends, even walking 40 minutes to Wigston and back this weekend to take Micah to smile at someone who needed a lift (and the McDonald’s wasn’t even open!).

It’s enabled some really positive habits too: we walk for an hour every day, even in the rain, and every ten days our walk back from Aldi reminds us we’re building our muscles! It’s meant finding more time for our immediate family (walking, making sure we eat meals at the dining table, making sure we put our phones away) and reconnecting with my mum – after missing her for such a long time, we get to spend time every morning chatting and watching Micah cruise around the living room.

The next habit I should probably work on is remembering Psalm 139 and listening to the services my dad sends me a bit more regularly!


Prayer. (We use this grace, now we’ve started eating with Micah)

Thank you, Lord,

for food to eat,

and friends to sit by,



Song: Father of Creation, Mission Praise, 826 (a link to Becca singing it)



Father of creation
Unfold Your sovereign plan
Raise up a chosen generation
That will march through the land
All of creation is longing
For Your unveiling of power
Would You release Your anointing
O God, let this be the hour

Let Your glory fall in this room
Let it go forth from here to the nations
Let Your fragrance rest in this place
As we gather to seek Your face

Ruler of the nations
The world has yet to see
The full release of Your promise
The church in victory
Turn to us, Lord, and touch us
Make us strong in Your might
Overcome our weakness
That we could stand up and fight

Let Your kingdom come
Let Your will be done
Let us see on earth
The glory of Your Son