Weekly Service

Devotions to use at home for Sunday 31st May

Prepared by Andrea Morris and Jenny Whillis


A Reflection from the “Frontline”

Like many things at the moment the world of anaesthetics has entirely changed. Some of these changes are unpleasant & none of us like them. However, I have been struck by some of the more positive changes & I find myself being grateful.

I am grateful that I get to continue to go to work, that I have supportive colleagues & friends & that people are finally recognising the importance of the NHS.

One thing I think we all hear a lot at the moment is ‘when we get through this…’

People are thinking about changes, about not only how the world will have changed beyond this crisis, but also about small changes they are making to their own lives.

I hope that some of these positive changes do become permanent.

If I could choose, I would get rid of working 12-hour shifts & having to wear PPE, but I’d like to keep the team spirit at work, the support & the slower way of life.

Martyn Joseph, a singer-song writer & Greenbelt regular has released a song called “When we get through this”

If you are able to, then do listen to it & watch the video at this link:


I will share a few of the lyrics:


When we get through this

We’ll walk out

A little closer together

A little further from doubt


When we get through this

When we lift the shroud

When we ring the bells

The music will seem so loud


When we get through this

We’ll break bread and wine



Loving God,

With lockdown beginning to ease, we pray for all affected by the changes – for people happy to be returning to work, and for those with questions and anxieties over what these mean for them.

We pray for the key workers continuing to protect us and keep essential services going; and for teachers, pupils and parents worrying about making the right decisions, as more pupils return to school over the coming weeks.

As frustrations turn to anger, remind us that our actions are not just for ourselves but for the common good: for our families and friends, but also for the strangers we pass in the street, and for those we will never meet.

May your love for the world and all your people be made known through the Church and through us as we support each other in finding our way out of this crisis safely into a better, more just world.



Hymn: Singing The Faith 611, v 1 & 2

Brother, sister, let me serve you,

let me be as Christ to you;

pray that I may have the grace

to let you be my servant too.


We are pilgrims on a journey,

and companions on the road;

we are here to help each other

walk the mile and bear the load.