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25 Years of Traidcraft

Posted on 18th March 2017

Christchurch has had a Traidcraft stall now for 25 years. In 2016 it had a turnover of £9774. £6321 of this was from sales within Christchurch and rest from supplying other churches and a local college. A total sales of £200,000 is expected to be reached before the end of 2017. Traidcraft is not only a supporter of fairly traded goods, it also works to help people in developing countries to boost their skills and increase their income. Thus they are better able to protect their families from the harsh effects of poverty.

Traidcraft also campaigns for justice – over the last two years its ‘Justice Campaign’ has highlighted that some irresponsible British companies are causing toxic pollution, serious injury and even death through their operations in developing countries.

So a big thanks to all the dedicated people who run the Traidcraft stall week by week.

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