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Thank you Christchurch

Posted on 10th August 2016

Most of you have met the Chinese girls who have become so much a part of our church scene over the past year. We are writing this to let you all know just how much they have appreciated our friendship. Claire, Sharon and Lily have flown back to Taiwan this week (Lily is to return in two weeks to finish her project.) Sharon made us a beautiful booklet full of pictures, thoughts and memories which she said would stay with her for the rest of her life. It must have taken her many hours of careful work – all done in a language which she has only learnt recently. She has expressed in it some feelings for her faith, which we had not realised were so deep because of the language barrier. We had some lovely gatherings with them and knew that they enjoyed them, but this touching memento was the confirmation that we had not expected.

So, never forget, that a warm and friendly welcome can mean so much especially to friends from abroad.

This is abridged from an article in the August newsletter, written by Janet and Mike Asher

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