Privacy policy

Visitor statistics and cookies

A service called Piwik ( is used to gather statistics on the visitors to this site. Piwik is run on our own website and the information gathered is used only for statistical purposes and is not passed on to any third party. To keep track of who is new, who has visited previously, etc. a first-party cookie is stored on your computer. Most browsers have a setting “tell websites I do not want to be tracked” or something similar, which prevents this information being collected. Alternatively you can specifically disallow cookies from in your browser settings.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small chunks of text stored on your computer by websites. When you look at a page on that website, it can read the cookie, which enables the site to “remember” that you have been there before, or have set certain preferences for the site. The information is completely anonymous and is often just a number which serves to identify a particular computer. If you delve into the settings or options in your browser you can find a list of all the cookies stored there. A first-party cookie is one which can be read by the website you are visiting; a third-party cookie is one stored by a different website. These often come from advertisers.