The church newsletter is published bimonthly. Links to the most recent issues are below. These are pdf files, which you should be able to read in your browser, or download and read with Acrobat Reader.


Some notes on printing: the most reliable way to print a PDF file is to download it first to your computer. If it opens directly in the web browser there should be a ‘download’ button somewhere. In my browser it is top right. Having downloaded the file double-click on it to open it.

The newsletters are A5 and can be printed as a booklet in Acrobat Reader. In the print dialog box, under “Page size & handling” select Booklet. If your printer can print on both sides of the paper, under ‘Booklet subset’ select “Both sides”. Under “Orientation” select Portrait. This is most important, otherwise the back side of each sheet will be upside down! The preview on the right should show the back cover and the front cover. To print each side separately, under ‘Booklet subset’ select Front side only  then put the paper back in the printer and select Backside only. It may need a trial run to get the orientation right (print just pages 1 to 4 as a test). Don’t be put off if the first attempt doesn’t come out right, printing is tricky.