Forthcoming Events

Advent and Christmas services

Our Community Carols are at 4 pm on Sunday 15th December. There is a special invitation to all the organisations who use our premises through the year. Of course everyone else is welcome too.

A more traditional carol service will be held on Sunday 22nd December at 10 am (our usual service time) and a Christmas Special Café Church at 6.30 pm.

Christmas Eve communion will be held on Tuesday 24th December at 8 pm and a Family Service on Christmas Day in the morning, at 10 am.

Carol Singing on Queen’s Road

Christchurch folk will be out on Queen’s Road carol singing and collecting for children’s charities on Saturdays 14th and 21st December, and on Christmas Eve, from 10 till 11 in the morning.

Covenant Service

Our annual covenant service will be on Sunday morning 5th January at 10 am. In this service we recall the promises we made when we were baptised or confirmed and recommit ourselves to following Jesus in our lives.